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We empower driven professionals

to get strong and lose weight.

NorthEast Denver's #1 Personal-Trainer

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  • Lose weight

  • Be Healthy

Do you want to be Fit

and Healthy, but struggle with consistency?

Most people want to improve their fitness, but life gets busy, and they struggle to achieve their goals.

"I don't have the motivation to

stay consistent with my workouts."

"I don't know what I'm doing,

and I'm afraid I'll hurt myself."

"I'm tired of feeling weak and unhealthy!"

Get Strong

Give your confidence a super-boost by building strength. You'll look and feel better than ever!

Lose Weight

Dial-in your nutrition,

tone up, and...

feel amazing in your own skin!

Be Healthy

Maximize your health by getting stronger. This is the #1 way to live a longer, higher quality

of life!

Achieve Potential

Get stronger and achieve feats you never thought possible.

Meet Scott Beall: NE Denver's #1 Personal-Trainer for Strength & Fat Loss.

Unlike overcrowded gyms and inexperienced trainers that can leave you injured,

Scott delivers personalized fitness and nutrition programs, in a private

and welcoming space,

to support you, building

inner and outer strength!

Scott’s mission is to help his clients

become strong, centered, and secure.

As a family man, he knows what it’s like...

to get busy, let your fitness go,

and lose confidence in your body.

Since 2009, he’s helped Hundreds

of professionals transform

their Health & Fitness.

Scott holds numerous certifications

(NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, NCSF, Barbell Logic).

He has trained doctors, lawyers, engineers, CEO’s, and the occasional Hollywood actor (such as Jeffrey Donovan from “Burn Notice”).

Jump start your fitness goals today!

Book a Discovery Call

Book a call and we'll discuss where you are now, and what you'd like to achieve.

Schedule Consultation

We'll meet in-person to dig into your goals, and create a plan to conquer them.

Get To Work

Next, we'll jump-start your program towards optimal results.

Jump start your fitness goals today!

Book a Discovery Call

Book a call and we'll discuss where you are now and what you'd like to achieve.

Schedule Consultation

We'll meet in-person to

dig into your goals and create a plan to conquer them.

Get To Work

Next, we'll jump-start your program towards optimal results.

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6103 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Denver, CO 80207, USA

What clients say about us

Scott truly cares about his clients and is effective at helping them conquer their goals. After sixty days of training, I took my squat from 70 lbs to 140 lbs. I've lost almost 20% of my original fat mass and feel great! Now I'm stronger for my family, living as a good role model for them. And I'm pool-ready for summer! Thanks Scott, couldn't have done this on my own!


Scott Stewart

Sales manager, Dillon company

Scott has a passion for helping his clients reach their goals. He has helped me grow my confidence, kept me accountable, and changed my mindset about stress, eating patterns, and pushing to my limits. Thanks to him, I realized my body can do things I never thought possible – especially with the right coach by your side. Couldn’t recommend Scott enough!


Emily Speakes

Field Sales Director, Tito's Vodka

Hollywood Actor Jeffrey Donovan, Discusses Training with Scott

"It changed how I felt about myself...

I had a bigger spirit."

Frequently Asked Question

What is strength training, and why is it important?

Strength training involves exercises that target your muscles, increasing their strength and mass. Over my 15+ years experience as a personal trainer, I've seen dramatic results using our program within just the first month towards- improving overall body functionality, enhancing metabolism, aiding in fat loss, giving a renewed sense of vigor, and supporting a multitude of health benefits. Plus, Strength = Confidence. It's crucial to work with someone who has years of personal training experience, using science-based methods to ensure maximum results and safety.

I'm a beginner with no prior experience in strength training. Can I still work with Personal Trainer Scott?

Absolutely! We are experienced in working with clients of all levels, including beginners. After determining your specific goals, we will design a program that meets you where you're at, and gradually progress the weight as you get stronger. Over time, you'll feel more and more comfortable with the exercises, and your confidence in strength training will begin to soar! In our private training studio, you'll feel safe and at ease, as you experience the power of strength training.

How can a Scott help me with my strength training and weight loss goals?

As a master trainer, I'll develop customized workouts, tailored to your current fitness level, keeping your goals in mind (and accounting for any limitations you might have).

Expertise - We use anatomy, biomechanics, and physics as a basis for our technique in the main strength exercises, with the goal of maximizing safety and effectiveness when building strength in the body.

Accountability - We have found that using technology helps to keep our clients excited to stay consistent for the long-term. Our programming platform also organizes the workouts, so that we can see the awesome progress our clients are making.

Motivation - We've helped thousands of clients of the last 15 years conquer their fitness goals, and keep on working towards new heights.

All of this is to ensure you make the most of your strength training and weight loss journey with us.

What can I expect during my first session with Scott?

The best way to start a training program is to first lay the fitness foundation with 3 important steps:

1. Establish Your Goals. We'll discuss where you're at now, and where you'd like to be.

2. Body Measurements. To track your progress, over time, we will take body measurements in our private studio (measurements optional).

3. Nutrition assessment. We'll give you a personalized nutrition guide, based on your specific goals and needs.

Our experience has shown that getting these elements in place first, leads to greater results for our clients.

What does the program include?

Teaching: We'll use our experience and expertise to teach you proper form on the Squat, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift. These 4 movements are the most important exercises to build Total Body Strength.

Workout Program: We'll design your workout program to maximize safety, while building strength in your body. Our technique is based on the 'Starting Strength' method which uses physics, anatomy, and biomechanics to determine how to perform the main lifts most effectively. Your workouts will be organized in the calendar to allow for full recovery of your muscles so that you can kill it during the next workout.

Accountability: Our clients love that we use technology to keep them on track with their workouts. We've found True Coach to be an amazing tool to get the workouts into the calendar and keep you on track!

BONUS! You will get a 'Personalized Nutrition Guide' and a 'Cardio Calendar' to keep you accountability, and help you conquer your goals. Then, we'll teach you the squat and other main lifts, in the confines of our private training studio.

OPTIONAL: Take body measurements to see progress in the areas you want to improve over the course of the program.

What neighborhoods do you serve?

Most of our clients come from Park Hill, Central Park, Northfield, City Park, Glendale, Mayfair, Green Valley Ranch, and Aurora.

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Let's discuss your goals

“Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, and STRENGTH. And Love your neighbor as yourself.”

-Luke 10:27

We empower driven professionals

to get strong and lose weight.

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